Totes : Canvas Or Cotton?

A tote bag refers to a large bag with handles that can carry a number of items. Tote bags are made from strong cloth such as canvas or cotton. They are increasing in popularity because they are becoming an alternative to plastic bags and thus are more nature friendly and sustainable. Plastic bags consume more non renewable energy to make and usually end up in the oceans or landfill which has a negative impact on our ecosystems and  health in general. Read this article to find out more details.

Cotton bags and canvas bags in the tote category are very popular these days. They can be used in such a variety of ways and attract buyers with their usefulness and style. They are also very much in everyone’s budget,either you buy one or buy 10,the price is never a problem. Due to this,they are greatly in demand as promotional gifts by companies and brands. They are given as reminders and presents to sponsors,event attendees and colleagues. They also make great gift for women and girls as they are highly customizable and can also be filled with goodies and small trinkets.

It is difficult to choose between the cotton tote and canvas tote as both are so similar in its benefits so it all comes down to buyer preference.

Cotton is more durable as a material and is cheaper long term. You can get any logo printed,heat transferred or ironed onto the bag. They are smoother in terms of feel and texture;this makes them easily personalized and so a great idea for promotions. These bags are very easy to clean and wash,you can wash them just like you wash any of your cotton clothes. It is such a long lasting bag that it is perfect for something that will have more wear and tear. It is totally up to rough usage. Lastly it can be used for anything and everything;groceries,beach bag,laundry bag,study bag,outdoor playing bag.

Canvas bags Australia are more sturdy as compared to cotton as they are woven more profoundly. They can store heavy items such as weighty books and last for more years. Because it is such a strong material,detailed logos can be inscribed with accuracy. They are also great for embroidery.You can even waterproof them for activities such as swimming.When it comes to fashion,they are on equal footing as leather bags as many big designers have incorporated them in their fashion lines.

However they are more difficult to wash as compared to cotton ones. Now you choose.