Which Material Is Best For Photo Mounting

Photographs hold significant importance in our lives as they hold a part of our life in them. They capture a moment in such a way that we can relive it again and again and rejoice in the moments that were spent. Some people take and preserve photos for their sentimental values but for some people taking pictures and photography is a passion. They do photography to attain artistic satisfaction as well as a medium to express themselves. There are many artists that work as full-time photographers and hold exhibitions as well to display their hard work. Even if the pictures are beautiful, a poor choice of framing can ruin the photo entirely and for this purpose photo mounting should be done to display the amazing work in a seamless and impressive manner.

Photo mounting is a process in which the picture or the photograph is mounted on a dry and hard material to give it a more elevated look. The material it is mounted on is called a substrate. The substrate should be chosen very wisely as one wrong decision in this step can ruin your artwork as well as your hard work. The mounting material is in contact directly with photograph so it should be of high quality. One should not compromise on the quality when selecting material for photo mounting for the sake of its hard work that goes in taking the perfect shot. Different people are of different opinions for the selection of substrate, and their views are briefly mentioned below so that you can take guidance.

  • Foamex photo mounting

Foamex material is quite similar to foam but it is not the same thing. It is made of PVC material and quite durable. This substrate is perfect if you have to travel with your photos a lot and carry them to different venues. This mounting board is cost effective as well as travel-friendly.

  • Cardboard photo mounting

We are well aware of the material cardboard as we use it in our everyday life for different purposes. Cardboard photo mounting is very famous and done quite eagerly. Cardboard has a sturdy feel to it that adds character to the photo attached to it. It is very moderately priced but price can vary depending on the size and thickness of the cardboard.

  • Aluminium photo mounting

If you are looking for something out of the ordinary and really want to give a character to your artwork and photographs then aluminium mounting substrate would be best suitable for you. A thin sheet of aluminium is attached to the back side of the photo and then it is finished off with a mat, a glossy protective sheet at the front and then a mirror. This kind of mounting is particularly famous among well established artists as it is quite costly. Go right here to find out more details.