Different Types Of Formulas

For mothers who choose formula instead of breastfeeding these are engineered. No one can compare engineered milk with breast milk. Breast milk is naturally formulated according to baby’s need and digestive system. That is why we have so many types of powder milk products in our hand to choose from. Babies who grow up drinking formula have a weak immunity system than those babies who drink breast milk and that are a proven fact. Here is the list of formulas mothers can look for according to the baby’s need and requirement

First infant formula: This formula is specially designed for newborn babies as their digestive system is vulnerable. This formula contains whey protein and is considered easily digestible for the baby. For example nan comfort infant formula.

Soya milk formula: This formula is formulated from soya beans and is used by the mother whose baby is allergic to cow’s milk or goat milk. But the mother must consult the doctor before using it for the baby and it is not suitable for the newborn.

 Hypoallergic formula: This formula is for those babies who are allergic to cow and goat’s milk. It contains completely dilapidated proteins in it. Mothers must make sure to consult doctors before using it for the baby. If the baby’s doctor confirms you that your baby is allergic to cow or goat’s milk he will prescribe the suitable formula for your child.

Comfort formula: Proteins are partially broken down in the formula so it is easy for the baby to digest. It is good for babies having constipation problems. But this formula is not suitable for young one with intolerance to cow’s or goat’s milk.

Lactose-free formula: A formula completely without any lactose found in dairy products. This formula is for those babies who are suffering from condition lactose intolerance.

Goat’s milk formula: Goat’s milk formula is similar to cow’s milk formula but it contains less irritating proteins that is why it is easier to digest as compared to the cow’s milk. This doesn’t mean that is a child is having allergies from cow’s milk formula mother should switch to goat’s milk formula because it’s similar to cow’s milk. In this case, consulting a doctor is a must.

Cow’s milk formula: Cow’s milk formula is believed to be the most suitable formula after breast milk but surely it cannot match the quality of the breast milk.

Hungrier baby formula: This formula has more amount of casein than whey. This is formulated for those babies who feel much hungrier throughout the day. But of course, mothers must consult doctors before opting this formula as casein is harder to digest.

Anti-reflux Formula: The consistency of this formula is thicker than the other formulas. This is made to prevent the situation where babies bring up the milk. There is a particular step one must follow when dissolving this formula. 

Follow-on formula: This formula is not suggested for the babies under six months old. Even doctors avoid recommending it for babies reaching one-year-old age.

Things To Consider When Buying Clothes As A Baby Gift

If you are a first time parent, there’s a high chance that everything is new for you and that you may not be aware of a lot of things when it comes to your baby. Since babies are small, delicate, tiny and soft, there is a lot to think about and a lot to be taken care of. One of the things that is important for the baby is the types of clothes you make them wear. There are chances where you may get a lot as gifts especially if you are a first time mom. Even though clothes are considered to be the best baby gifts, there are some factors that should be considered before purchasing them.

  1. Skip designer baby clothes

Designers and manufacturers are aware of the fact that good looking and e-pensive baby clothes are hard to resist mainly due to the fact that they are so good-looking and of course, you want the best for your child. However, it’s useless to put in so much money for designer baby clothes as kids tend to grow up very quickly that these clothes would eventually go to waste.

  1. Consider comfort

Since babies can’t speak for a very long time, they may not be able to communicate it to you about the level of their comfort or discomfort. This is the sole reason one should get something that makes them feel comfortable at all times otherwise, they are going to give you a very tough time. When babies are dressed up comfortably, they will be happy babies and as a result, they will give you a relaxing time as well.

  1. Newborns sleep a lot

When it comes to newborns and babies, you should be aware of the fact that they sleep a lot. One should rather get clothes for them that are comfortable for them during their sleep time rather than putting your hard earned money in clothes which are used for fashion sense. Get clothes like coveralls or pajamas rather than complete outfits. After all, a baby’s sleep is one of the most precious things for a mother.

  1. You will receive a lot of baby clothes as gifts

As mentioned earlier, if you are a first time mother you will be getting a lot of gifts which means that there is a very high chance that clothes would be in those gifts too. If you want to go for baby shopping, you should consider going after you have had your baby shower as you tend to get a lot of useful gift for yourself and the baby which are required during the initial phases of being a mother.