Foods To Try In Australia

best dumplings in China Town

As a tourist whenever you travel to any new country, the first thing you always have on your mind is to visit the landmark of that place but the second thing that you should be experiencing is the food of that region. Even many people are into food and they prefer to try a different type of food when they have arrived into the new place. Undoubtedly whenever you come to a new place and try different food in those areas the experience that you will feel and taste will remain with you. This is the reason that food tourism has become a very popular category and no people like to travel to different countries to try their food. Trying the regional food will not only give you a new taste of that place but you will be experiencing their culture. Something regional foods are so popular that even international food chains like McDonalds’ or KFC also have their version of regional foods. But it is always recommended to the tourist that if they are travelling to a new country, they should try the regional food from their ethnic food places so they can have the real taste of that area.

Even there are countries where you can find food of any other region differently and that may not be possible in the country of the origin of that food. This can also be a thrilling experience for a person who has been born in the Pacific region but trying their food in a new country with a different touch. Here we will be Listing down some of the items that you should try whenever you go to Australia. Even Australia is also home to the different cuisines from different parts of the world that you can find in an Australian touch such as the best dumplings in China Town

  1. Lamingtons are counted as the national cake of Australia. They are the sponge Cakes, which have popularity as a national icon. It’s a must-have item and you can easily find different types of lamington cakes in Australia
  2. The burgers are popular all around the world and the Australian have their touch of him and you should be trying the burgers with an Australian taste. 
  3. Australia also offers a variety of Cantonese cuisine. You can find one of the best dumplings in China town of multiple cities like Sydney or Melbourne. Cantonese cuisine Melbourne in Australia is different from the original Chinese food as they are prepared for the Australian taste. But when it comes to dumpling you can find the best dumplings in China town that comes in different flavours. 
  4. Meat pies are also common in Australia and one of the different types of meat that you can try in Australia is the kangaroo. Kangaroo meat can be called the national icon in Australia.