What Do You Need To Know About Compulsory Land Acquisition?

Compulsory land acquisition is the procedure in which the government acquires the land which is private property of someone and does not fall under the category of the public lands or government owned areas and therefore, the government needs to acquire the land first. The land could be used for any government project which maybe a park, road some transport station or any other such kind of thing. However, the rightful owner of the land is provided with the compensation and if that person does not want the government to acquire his land then he files an objection against it but this objection is only heard if it is passed on the right time and in the right manner, otherwise this will not be valid. Therefore, since such issues are of sensitive nature and there is no room for any kind of error or delay therefore, in such cases people hire the compulsory land acquisition lawyers to help them to either acquire the desired outcome or to file the object.

For filing the objection, you need to take care of certain things. First the objection should be in the written form and since there is only a specific time period to objectify it and therefore, if the filed objection is out of this time window then it is no longer valid and another thing which you need to state is that whether you are just objecting the respective authority or the construction authority. There are certain limitations to this objection and there is a reason why this land acquisition is called compulsory is because you cannot file an objection related to the compensation. Based on certain objections, the object is taken and forwarded to the respective constructing authority and then if these objections are valid then these are considered in the decisions of the resumption.

However, the compensation that you want also needs to be filed and you can only file a compensation if you are the owner of the land or if you have the license of the property. Just like the objection the compensation is also in the written form and if the reasons stated in the compensation are valid then the amount for this is given back to the owner. Just like the objection, there is also a time period for the compensation claim and this is generally 3 years from the time when the acquisition claim was filed against the land by the government. There are different parameters which help asses the property compensation and this is generally evaluated by the current value of the property in the market.