Importance Of Gyp-Rock Shaft Liner


Gyp-rock shaft liner is known as long duty liner board which is fire resistant and can commonly be utilized amid fibre rated ceilings and wall schemes. They are identified by aqua colour face paper. They are useful while installing amid party wall and ceiling schemes. There are different applications where such shaft liner is essential to use and could be installed across, i.e. other types of ceilings and walls, residential ceiling areas, stair sides, and lift shafts etc. Further gyp-rock shaft liner could be utilized among different places wherever you need, involving residential places, commercial buildings and on the side of apartment spaces. Gyp-rock shaft liner also plays a vital role on the side of cinema places where cinema wall schemes are specifically designed while offering with greater presentation of walls where audio parting and theatrical discount in sound broadcast is required amid theatre side.

Other Places Where Gyp-rock Shaft Liners Could Be Utilized:

As we have discussed above that buy plaster products in Melbourne could be utilized among different places, now we are going to discuss in brief manner that what services the gyp-rock Shaft liner offers with amid other places. Such type of shaft liner is essential to use amid party wall inherency schemes. The advantages linked with such shaft liner includes while using amid party places includes with wooden and steel frame choices, lining installation for the purpose of non-rated schemes, minimum utilization of sealants, quick installation where no extra trades requires with. It is the best utility utilized among party places which offers with other so many benefits.

Furthermore, gyp-rock shaft liner could also be utilized among security wall schemes where it offers with majority of essentials. They are constructed with profiled sheets as compared to use with hoops. Gyp-rock security wall systems are available in two different categories, one with steel panelling and another is offered with steel panelling with both sides of hollow. Such systems are commonly being utilized amid residential areas which further require a high level of intruder resistance and greater level of audio separation. Other places where such systems could be installed involves with shopping malls, pharmacies, other warehouses, and foyers, etc. Gyp-rock shaft liner systems offers plenty of benefits with installing includes, high acoustic performance, quick and easy construction, and slender walling optimisation space utilization, etc.


So, we have discussed related two types of places where gyp-rock shaft liner plays a vital role and other majority of places includes where such systems offers with plenty benefits while installing. There are different organizations offering different facilities of gyp-rock shaft liner across the world who are offering with other facilities of such system. Majority of reputed corporates are also being established with their company’s website where you could find the services they offers with and could also appoint the services while ordering online.