The Dos And Don’ts Of Carpet Laying

When it comes to purchasing carets, the process is entirely different as there is so much that needs to be taken into account to get the right thing. As much as the process of purchasing the carpet is very detailed, the carpet laying process is also something that requires an equal attention. Now that you have purchased the carpet and are looking for ways to have it installed, below are a few guidelines of dos and don’ts of carpet laying in Melbourne that will make the process easier. Let’s find all that out;


  1. Getting rid of moldings around the doors and floors is something that should be done so that you can easily remove the old carpet before you bring in the new one for installation.
  2. Before you pull up your old carpet all at once and damage it, we recommend you to cut the carpet into strips by using a utility knife as this will help in making the removal process relatively easier and quicker.
  3. The new strips must be laid down at the corners of the room where you must also avoid laying the carpet in the doorways and front area or this would result in unequal and improper laying of carpet.


  1. The entire old carpet must be removed and the floor would be clean and dry for the new carpet to settle in. All of this should be done before you bring in the new caret to be rolled over otherwise not cleaning the floor would result in unequal layering of carpet which would stick with you for a long period of time.
  2. Before pulling up the carpet, it is recommended to vacuum over it so that all the excess dust might be removed before you settle in your new carpet.
  3. The under pad strips must not be forgotten to be laid down under the strips as this helps in complete fixing in the right manner. You may as well use the duck – tape to seal the seams of the carpet for a clear fixing.

By following these dos and don’ts in a proper manner, the carpet laying process becomes so easy especially when you are taking no help from the professional services. But one needs to understand the fact that carpet laying process is not a one man job hence, some assistance may be required from other members of the family or you could always approach for professional services which can help in the process.

Hope these above guidelines have helped all those who went out to purchase their new carpets in NBD Designer Floors and are wondering how to set it up.