Tips For Planning The Perfect Bridal Shower

It is an honour to organise a bridal shower for the bride-to-be. For those of you who’ve heard the term but don’t know what it entails; a bridal shower is a pre-wedding female-only gathering dedicated to the bride-to-be. Simply put, it’s a chance for the bride and her nearest female relatives and friends to meet and socialise before the wedding.

And, as the name implies, it’s also an opportunity to “shower” the bride-to-be with presents in honour of her upcoming marriage! Though coordinating between what the bride desires and what the bridal party suggests can be strenuous, there are simple steps you can take to make it the best shower ever!

Check them out:

Make sure you ask the bride what she likes!

Talk to the bride and find out what she wants for her bridal shower. It may still come as a shock, but it’s great to know you’re on the right track! What if she prefers a peaceful game night out with friends over a night out? What if she wants to spend the weekend with her best mates? It’s always a good idea to ask the bride what she prefers so that no one is frustrated on the day of the bridal shower!

Found a location? Reserve it early and confirm twice!

You don’t want to arrive at your chosen location on the day of decorating to discover that the booking was not properly confirmed or that there was a double booking! Check twice and call ahead of time to ensure that everything you reserved, whether it was a villa, a restaurant, or anything else, has been reserved and is prepared for you!

Make sure all of her closest friends are in attendance!

Talk to the bride and find out who she wants to attend her bridal shower! It’s critical that her friends, even those you don’t know much about, attend! She might want to welcome school friends, relatives, or coworkers, so make sure you have a proper guest list. Also, make sure to speak with everyone ahead of time to ensure they will be on their best behaviour!

Spend the extra money on florals.

We highly recommend you hire a florist and have stunning floral arrangements all around. It will make a huge difference in the setup, and you can always send bridal flowers in gold coast as a meaningful party favour for the bride and MOB.

Prepare some enjoyable games.

Because not all of the attendees know each other, playing a fun game centred on the bride (the one thing you all have in common) is a good way for everyone to socialise. It’s also a playful way to break up the shower while making the bride feel special. But keep it classy! Quiz games involving the groom and bride or “he said, she said” are always entertaining!

Plan the menu for the bridal shower and stock the bar.

After you’ve sent out the invitations and started receiving RSVPs, you can start planning the menu for the party. Our main bits of advice for menu planning are to stick to foods that you know the bride will enjoy and to select foods that are easily served. If you’re throwing a brunch-themed bridal shower, consider serving mimosas, breakfast foods, or coffee drinks. A build-your-own-taco station with margaritas and guacamole would be a fun option for a bridal shower. Depending on your budget, you can have the meal professionally catered or cook it yourself (hopefully with the assistance of the bridesmaids!).